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EXTRAS – Smart software solutions






Photo of woman on a beach remotely accessing her salonremoteGENIUS - Access your business data from anywhere in the world. remoteGENIUS enables you to perform centralised bookings or simply dial-in and see what’s going on whilst you are away from your tablet, smartphone or PC. Strictly password controlled to ensure you decide who has access and to what.





Image of a steel vault door. Representing the secure back up of salon dataarchiveGENIUS - Loss of data can have a devastating impact to your business. With archiveGENIUS you can secure business critical data to ensure business continuity vital for your salon or spa. Intelligently storing critical files to a remote or local storage server ensuring your business data is securely available from any connected computer should you need it.





Photo of smart phone with SMS message on the displaySMS - The most effective form of marketing and preferred way of staying in touch with your clients. Used as an appointment reminder facility SMS can be a fast and efficient way of reducing no shows by up to 90%. Automated campaigns can be created and sent out via Client Contact Manager. 2 way SMS is also available allowing customers to respond to your message.










A collection of loyalty and gift cardsLoyalty and Gift Cards - Your clients are your most valuable asset. Reward your best customers with our bespoke service for both loyalty and gift cards. Within SALONGENIUS you can set up both standard and advanced schemes to allow you free reign on your chosen loyalty settings. Reports show you the full transaction history and liability.





A photo of a hand holding a chip and pin unitChip and Pin - Remove the need for double entry of card amounts. Ocius POS Client, integrated with SALONGENIUS, at the end of a bill receives and processes the credit card amount automatically. Communication is via the internet eliminating the wait experienced by dial up terminals, particularly on a busy Saturday afternoon.






Image of the world with energy paths crossing itADSL Broadband - Our fully managed broadband internet provides a high quality secure business line, with speeds of up to 10mb (dependant on location). Fully secure, SALONGENIUS maintains your broadband line ensuring up to date anti-virus protection and secure ‘firewall’, keeping your local equipment and network safe from outside intrusions. It is the no hassle solution for salon owners.



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