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SALONGENIUS salon software provides a turn key solution for your hair salon business.



Designed by industry professionals SALONGENIUS will provide you with the ultimate software solution to grow your hair salon business.



From booking appointments and stock control through to marketing and business reporting, SALONGENIUS does it all!  Along with the standard features that you come to expect from a business management tool SALONGENIUS offers industry specific applications to make managing your business easier and is sure to eliminate inaccuracies.



  • Skin testing & Elasticity testing - Imagine not needing to worry about up to date skin and elasticity testing. Simply enter the date the test was carried out, once the test has expired SALONGENIUS will warn you that a new test needs to be performed when the client next tries to book an appointment.


  • Technical histories - Detailed records of process and product usage for colour and perm services make it easy to access and check past services, which in turn will ensure improved customer service and client confidence for  future bookings.


  • Track and reward treatments - Encourage up-selling in the salon by tracking and rewarding treatment sales independently from other services.


  • Contra-indications alerts - Enter contra-indications against a client record card to prevent unsuitable appointments being booked. If an attempt is made a message will flag up to alert your receptionist.


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