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With myGENIUS individual staff members can access their column wherever they are in the salon and are able to manage their clients in the palm of their hand using a tablet or smartphone. myGENIUS is Mac and iPad friendly.


This unique software allows staff to see their upcoming appointments and check and update client technical histories using their hand-held device without having to leave their station and interrupt reception. With a real-time view of their day ahead staff can manage their time slots and check their roster - minimising delays, reducing client waiting time and improving salon efficiency.


Paperless client consultation form – Customised client consultation form includes recommended services and products. Saved consultation forms are stored in the client record card.


Real-time view of appointment column – Staff can manage their time more efficiently giving them a personal view of their day ahead including client notes, service and client history.


Client record card and technical history updates – Staff can check and update client technical histories and add notes without having to leave their station/room.


Fewer interruptions at reception desk – Staff can add client visit history and notes without going to the reception desk - improving salon efficiency.


Minimise delays – Reduce client waiting time, improve salon efficiency and reduce reception desk congestion as information will all be available in the palm of their hand.


Password protected – Individual password protection for different staff levels of access e.g. restricting client information.


Track personal targets – Including retail, service, rebooking and more.




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