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Whether a day spa or destination spa SALONGENIUS can help your business to increase revenue, reduce costs and maximise efficiency.


SALONGENIUS caters for specific areas of the spa industry to ensure your business is running alongside industry guidelines.


  • Contra-indication alerts – Enter contra-indications against a client record card to prevent unsuitable appointments being booked. If an attempt is made a message will flag up to alert your receptionist.


  • Skin testing reminders – Simply enter the date the skin test was carried out, when the skin test expires you will be warned when the client next tries to book an appointment.


  • Packages – Spa days, wedding packages etc. can be booked and tracked on your SALONGENIUS system.


  • Courses – When a client purchases a course this will be linked to their account, each time a treatment from the course is booked it will automatically be taken off their course allocation.


  • Sunbeds – Make life easy at your busy reception area and control your sunbeds through SALONGENIUS with your T-max controller.


  • Room allocation – Have the option of appointing rooms for particular treatments; if a treatment requires a certain piece of equipment which is located in a particular treatment room SALONGENIUS will only allow bookings for that treatment to be made in the associated room.


  • Maximum services per day – Protect your staff from fatigue and repetitive strain injury by limiting the number of services they can perform daily.


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