Have you wondered what it would be like if your clients could book their own appointments, whenever they like? And have you considered if you have been losing revenue from not being able to book clients in outside of business hours?

Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore as you can enable online bookings with bookingsGENIUS.

So how does online booking work?

It’s really quite straightforward: You start by inputting your services, pricing, staff and opening times into the system. After that, clients can book their own appointments using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

You can see your online bookings system as a virtual receptionist, who once you have set your options will work away without your input.

Each day you can quickly view who has booked themselves in. If you need to get in touch with them regarding their appointment, their details will be visible on your screen.

How does it boost your revenue?

Primarily it helps fill your appointment book, resulting in a boost in sales. It makes it easier for old and new customers alike to plan their next visit, keeping your business going and scoring you points for great customer service.

Having an online booking system will also provide you with the opportunity to track your appointments. It displays client spend and the overall revenue made per day, week, month and year, records no-shows and more.

You’ll be able to obtain a truer overview of all statistics required for the smooth running of your business. This will let you see where you need to improve and where you’re doing well.

If, as many salons do, you find some clients don’t show to their appointment, you can easily keep a track record of this on their account. Your software lets you easily check how many times a client has either not turned up for their appointment, or has had to cancel.

No doubt your salon invests time and money into pursuing the latest products and equipment so why wouldn’t you do the same with your appointment book?

Benefits for your clients

By enabling online booking it will show your clients that you’re putting their needs first, so they can book as soon as they have thought about seeing you.

You’ll also be showcasing that your salon is modern and in keeping with the times. This will especially appeal to younger clients, who generally prefer to make bookings via the internet.

By having an online booking system you’ll also be able to send out automatic appointment reminders via text messages or emails, which can reduce the risk of no-shows by up to 70%.

When a client makes an online booking, they’ll have to provide a telephone number as if they were to call and book an appointment, so you can always contact them if need be.

Still wondering if online booking is for you? Then book a demo to see what online bookings can do for your business.

Online booking is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modernising your business and improving your revenue. Don’t get left behind, make your business work harder for you, without you having to do any extra hours!