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appGENIUS – Your business app

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Your individual customisable business app to help you stay engaged with your customers

appGENIUS is your direct link to all of your app users at the click of a button via push messaging. Make it easy for app users to request appointments or link to online bookings to quickly and conveniently allow them to book online. Client appointments are stored in the users’ app and email reminders are also sent. Incentivise your customers to return again and again with a loyalty scheme and encourage customers to recommend their friends by using via the recommend a friend scheme.

All your business information including links to your website, Facebook and Twitter are in one convenient place. Steer customers and to your salon via app directions linked to their Sat Nav. Easily communicate your latest offers and promotions to all your app users instantly. See how well your app is performing, monitor interest in your promotions and more using advanced analytics. Showcase your business and work using the built-in galleries. Monitor the success if your promotions with detailed analytic reports.

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Increase sales with online booking. Let your clients book their appointments – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ‘Real Time’ online hair, beauty and spa booking system - Attract more clients and make more money!

Think about the last time you booked a plane reservation or a hotel room. Chances are you booked online in just a few minutes. How simple was that? Salon and Spa’s can now offer their customers the same convenience of online bookings.

Salons that are using online booking are filling their schedules and booking customers during closed hours online through mobile devices and desktops. Taking your appointment booking online and allowing your customers to book appointments whenever they want can create amazing growth in sales and make life easier on your staff.

Let your customers book a new appointment anywhere, anytime and at their convenience from mobile devices.
SALONGENIUS online booking uses secure or non-secure bookings and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your website or Facebook page, or from your client’s smartphone. It couldn’t be easier. If you don’t have your own website then we will provide you with a dedicated page through our booking portal.



Manage and control your estate from Head Office. Whether you run a centralised ownership model, are a franchisee or franchisor, a multi-chain or group of salons then estateGENIUS is the answer.

Customised specifically to your business, estateGENIUS collects and measures complex data then translates it into invaluable information and insights about your organisation. Individual business data can be looked at in isolation or in groups, allowing for comparisons or simply enabling you to look at your entire estate. This allows you to take control of group information and centralise appointments and reporting, providing a seamless experience for every customer across all your locations.

Sell and redeem packages, gift certificates and salon loyalty cards across multiple sites. Client accounts can be controlled with pre-payment, deposit and account facilities if required.

estateGENIUS is compliant with data protection legislation.



Access your column wherever you are in the salon.

With myGENIUS individual staff members can access their column wherever they are in the salon and are able to manage their clients in the palm of their hand using a tablet or smartphone. myGENIUS is Mac and iPad friendly.

This unique software allows staff to see their upcoming appointments and check and update client technical histories using their hand-held device without having to leave their station and interrupt reception. With a real-time view of their day ahead, staff can manage their time slots and check their roster – minimising delays, reducing client waiting time and improving salon efficiency.

  • Paperless and customised client consultation forms are available and include recommended services and products. Saved consultation forms are stored in the client record card.
  • Real-time view of appointment column – Staff can manage their time more efficiently giving them a personal view of their day ahead including client notes, service and client history.
  • Client record card and technical history updates – Staff can check and update client technical histories and add notes without having to leave their station/room.
  • Fewer interruptions at reception desk – Staff can add client visit history and notes without going to the reception desk – improving salon efficiency.
  • Minimise delays – Reduce client waiting time, improve salon efficiency and reduce reception desk congestion as information will all be available in the palm of their hand.
  • Password protected – Individual password protection for different staff levels of access e.g. restricting client information.
  • Track personal targets – Including retail, service, rebooking and more.


The remote access solution allows you to access your business data from anywhere in the world.

This is a thin client solution that allows you to perform centralised bookings or simply dial-in and see what’s going on via your tablet, smartphone or PC whilst you are away from your salon.

remoteGENIUS is strictly password controlled ensuring you decide who has access and to what.

Access is available from anywhere with an internet connection, so if you fancy running your business from the beach the option is available.



Compare your salon's performance with other salons.

SALONGENIUS CompareMySalon performance index holds a repository key performance of indicators such as salon quality mark, no shows, return rate, retail percentage, technical percentage, busy percentage, average bill and more.

The live tiles are colour coded against the key performance indicators so you can quickly see how your salon is performing.

This App is invaluable when viewing how your salon compares with other salons within your group, regionally, nationally and globally.

This App is free and available to download from the Windows App Store. tileGENIUS is available on both Windows Phones 7 and 8, so wherever you are in the world you will be able to view your current salon performance at any time of the day or night – GENIUS!

You must have a license key to use this service. To get this call your local distributor who will be more than happy to help.



Loss of data can have a devastating impact to your business. With fallbackGENIUS you can secure business critical data to ensure business continuity vital for your salon or spa. Intelligently storing critical files to a remote or local storage server ensuring your business data is securely available from any connected computer should you need it.

Chip n Pin

Chip ‘n’ Pin

Remove the need for double entry of card amounts. Ocius POS Client, integrated with SALONGENIUS, at the end of a bill receives and processes the credit card amount automatically. Communication is via the internet eliminating the wait experienced by dial up terminals, particularly on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Internet - Fibre Optic

Internet – Fibre Optic

Our fully managed broadband internet provides a high-quality secure business line, with speeds of up to 10mb (dependant on location). Fully secure, SALONGENIUS maintains your broadband line ensuring up to date anti-virus protection and secure firewall, keeping your local equipment and network safe from outside intrusions. It is the no hassle solution for salon owners.

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