August 2017

How to save time, when you don’t have any


Time is of the essence, and something that always seems to fall short. With everything from clients, to staff, facilities and paperwork on their plate, this is often especially true for business owners. At SALONGENIUS, we know the difficulties of running a business whilst doing all the extra things that make [...]

How to save time, when you don’t have any2018-06-15T15:13:15+00:00

July 2017

How to avoid a cyber attack on your business


With cyber crime on the rise, it’s important to know what measures to take to avoid an attack on your salon. Ian Johnstone, support team manager for SALONGENIUS, explains what procedures you need in place.  Virus- and ransomware attacks are on the rise, so it’s hugely important to check your security [...]

How to avoid a cyber attack on your business2018-10-22T15:16:02+00:00

May 2017

Q&A: How to improve your salon’s visibility


At SALONGENIUS, we talk to salons about visibility and marketing on a daily basis. In this blog, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about how to improve your salon’s visibility. SALON: How important is social media to market your salon? Social media is great for raising [...]

Q&A: How to improve your salon’s visibility2018-06-21T15:20:12+00:00
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