At SALONGENIUS, we talk to salons about visibility and marketing on a daily basis. In this blog, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about how to improve your salon’s visibility.

SALON: How important is social media to market your salon?

Social media is great for raising awareness of your salon as well as an excellent customer service channel.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all be utilised for tagging in existing and potential customers, encouraging engagement and discussions. Instagram with its focus on great imagery lends itself particularly well to the salon industry, but Facebook and Twitter can also be great for reaching your customers.

In the digital world, sharing has also become easier. If you want to reach out with news or other important information about your business, you can do so in just a few clicks.

Did you know that over 60% of customers rather use social media for customer service than send an email? Thanks to social networks’ focus on two-way communication, answering any queries is easy. Most posts and comments are visible to the public, further helping you reach more people.

SALON: Can influencers and opinion leaders help targeting your salon?

Influencers can be a fantastic asset to your salon marketing strategy. In fact, a recent study by Fashion and Beauty Monitor showed that digital influencers are now the preferred method of promotion for 84% of beauty brands. This is likely because people often follow influencers who they aspire to be like, and thus buy into the lifestyle and brands they promote.

Real high-profile influencers with followers in the millions can charge thousands for a single social media post, but don’t despair. Someone with a smaller following but who is well-known in your local area can be just as effective. Try offering a free haircut, beauty or spa treatment, and suggest they post about it if they liked the experience.

Seeing their favourite Instagrammer or YouTuber looking great can be a brilliant motivator for their fans to visit your salon. As an added bonus, you can share any posts and reviews on your salon social media channels for further engagement.

SALON: Do you think offers and discounts help to promote a salon?

Our experience is that a good loyalty scheme can be brilliant for increasing your salon’s visibility and customer retention. Give your customers a discount for suggesting the salon to a friend or let them collect points for a bonus. Everyone love’s a good deal, so this is something a lot of customers will tell their friends about.

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