Client data may not be a priority as you focus on the day to day running of a salon. As a salon owner or employee, it’s natural to focus on the clients’ experiences first and your business second. However, client data is essential when it comes to marketing and sending out your salon promotions.

Correct and up to date phone numbers and email addresses are crucial to even get the message out, but there’s also benefit in keeping track of age, birthdays or even professions for more targeted promotions. For example, you can send out a monthly promotion for people with birthdays in that month. Or if you are close to a hospital, offer package treatments or discounts to local nurses. To do any of this, it is essential that you get the correct details – wishing someone a happy 30th birthday when they’re turning 60 could get a little awkward!

Good quality client data trumps quantity when it comes to offers and promotions. We recommend doing a periodic data cleanse to keep your information up to date, relevant and most importantly effective. Also, don’t forget to ask permission to market your clients, to remain compliant with data protection regulation.

Keeping data up to date

SALONGENIUS products such as myGENIUS and myGENIUS Lite allow you to pass a tablet or smartphone to your customers, to let them update their own details. So, the next time they’re in for a treatment, make your client a cuppa, and get your client data in top form!

This isn’t just for your benefit, but also for the safety of your client. Retaining data such as allergies and details of their latest skin test is required by law and will protect both parties in the long run.

When working with chemicals it is important to keep everyone safe whilst looking fabulous. This means keeping on top of all health-related information, so be aware of this when cleansing your data.

Now, we know quality data is important but having the data is only half the fight. Knowing what to do with it, is the second battle. Use SALONGENIUS to refine your promotions and target specific audiences, making your offers more effective and providing a greater return. GENIUS, right?