January is a famously slow month in the salon industry. Most clients have splashed out on food, gifts and pre-holiday pampering and are unlikely to be spending on their looks. While at first a few quiet days may seem a welcome break from the Christmas and New Year’s rush, they can also make a significant dent in your earnings.

To give you a head start in the new year, we have compiled a list to help you increase footfall and make January a productive month preparing for a brilliant 2019!

New year, new you – it’s not just for gyms

January is all about bouncing back from the holiday’s indulgences and many will be looking to renew themselves in the new year. It’s the perfect time for a complete makeover!

Promote offers and packages on your most transformative services and use SMS to give clients a heads-up with a 98% opening rate. Showcase some of your favourite transformations on social media to inspire clients to take the plunge and watch your appointment book fill up with exciting services.

Plan your marketing

In the busy day-to-day running of a salon it’s easy to forget about marketing, so utilise January’s quiet times to create your marketing plan for the new year. Think about events and holidays that your salon can tap in to, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the wedding season and set up a schedule for yourself:

Write your social media posts, SMS campaigns and marketing emails for the year now and set yourself a reminder for when to send them – you’ll thank yourself when you get busy again! You can even use a tool such as Hootsuite or Planoly to schedule your social media posts for future dates.

While you’re at it, another thing that’s great to ‘set and forget’ is SMS appointment reminders. Once set up in SALONGENIUS, these will send out automatically and can reduce no-shows by up to 90%!

Data housekeeping

To fully utilise your SALONGENIUS marketing tools, it’s essential to have accurate and up to date data on your clients. Because what’s the point of creating a fantastic SMS offer, if you only have mobile numbers for 10% of your clients? Similarly, good data will help you do targeted marketing, such as only contacting clients of a certain age or gender, or everyone who’s got their birthdays in the next month.

Use the Client Merge tool to remove any duplicate client cards (it’s in your SALONGENIUS main menu) and then check your Client Data Quality report to find out how many clients you can market, which details you have for them and where there’s room for improvement. Find it via Business Management > Marketing > Client Data Quality.

Set your staff up for success

Think about what you would like to improve in your salon. Would you perhaps like to see increased retail sales, higher takings for services or more re-bookings? Establishing tangible targets with attractive rewards can be a great motivator and give ambitious staff an opportunity to shine and progress.

Bring your team together, let them know what’s expected of them and share your knowledge with handy tips on how to get there, and you should see a positive impact across your salon. For easy tracking through SALONGENIUS, set and view your targets in Business Management > Financial > Targets.

If you need any assistance with setting up targets or SMS, finding a report or anything else, just get in touch with our support team on 01202 311829