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Let your clients buy now & pay in six

Quality hair and beauty treatments can be expensive and not all clients are able to spend a large sum in one go. Our Laybuy integration lets your clients pay for their service in six interest-free instalments. You get paid straight away!

  • Increase your average bill by up to 60%

  • Attract up to 30% more customers

  • 87% return to businesses where they’ve used Laybuy

When your salon offers Laybuy, your clients can sign up within seconds using their mobile phone. At reception, all you need is their phone number to process the sale and the client will receive a text message with a link to complete the purchase.

You will receive the payment instantly, less a small transaction fee. The client will only pay their first instalment and the rest will be charged weekly over the next five weeks.

Laybuy perfoms real-time credit checks and assumes any risk for fraud and non-payments, so there’s no risk (just reward!) for your salon – genius!

Laybuy dashboard

Get the payment instantly

Your client can spread the cost over 6 instalments, but you get the full payment straight away.

The risk is
all Laybuy’s

Laybuy independently credit checks with Experian and takes all the financial risk.

No need to

Clients initially only pay 1/6th of the price, so there is less need to discount.

Win back lapsed customers 

Use Laybuy to re-engage your clients and get them spending again.

Grow your customers 

Attracts up to 30% new clients and 87% of customers using Laybuy will return to your salon.

Grow your sales 

Increase in amount spent and average bill up by 60%