Finding good staff is a huge challenge in our industry, so when you have a great team it’s essential to motivate and support them in order to retain them within your business.
Here are five tips for motivating your staff, as well as some suggestions for saving time while doing it.

Set tangible goals

As the owner or manager of a salon, you probably spend a lot of time considering how you could improve the business. Meanwhile, your staff are often more focused on their clients and may not be aware of the wider business perspective. Setting tangible goals is a great way to ensure that your staff knows what they need to do to help the business succeed.
If a goal is vague, you may find staff under-performing as “we’d like to see some more retail sales” could be interpreted as if just selling the odd product is sufficient. Lack of clear direction can also be demotivating and make it difficult to prioritise.
Instead, set specific goals such as “aim to sell two retail products every day”. This lets your staff know exactly what you expect of them and creates a metric for measuring their performance.

Create opportunities for self-development

We’re in a constantly evolving industry which is largely driven by trends. So, while you shouldn’t jump on any bandwagon, a forward-thinking salon is wise to keep track of popular new services and adding them to its menu.
Giving your staff the opportunity to grow and learn new things is a win-win, as it leaves you with a more skilled team and more selling points for your salon. With 87% of millennials stating that professional development is important in a job, it’s clear that those who can develop within their role are more likely to stay within the business.

Offer challenges and rewards

Always doing the same things can make staff less motivated, so think of new ways to challenge them to keep the business moving forward. If they are amazing at retail sales, challenge them to upsell a number of treatments every day, or see how many clients they can get to re-book within a set time frame.
Challenges will give your staff the opportunity to grow their skills in a new area and really shine as they achieve them. When you set a steep goal, a great motivator can be a significant reward. Make it count – perhaps an extra day of holiday, a cash bonus or a selection of goodies from the salon.

Foster a team spirit

It’s a fantastic motivator to feel as if you’re part of something greater than yourself, so let your staff know how their efforts will contribute to the success of the whole business. How will it affect them? Perhaps through improved premises, new equipment or a bigger team?
So, bring your team in on your vision to ensure you’re all working towards the same goal. They might even offer valuable suggestions for how you can achieve it!

Communicate, communicate, communicate

When you set any goals, it’s important to follow them up regularly or employees may lose their momentum or feel as if their achievements go by unnoticed.
Schedule regular talks with each staff member to review their performance and let them voice any queries they may have.
Create reports to keep track of staff performance from meeting to meeting, so that you can show them exactly where they have excelled and where there are areas of improvement. This gives you the opportunity to encourage and recognise their progress and to address any need for additional support.
Managing and monitoring staff progress can be hugely beneficial, as you foster a team which is happier, more skilled and will ultimately boost your salon business.
Manually monitoring progress is a time-consuming task, so utilise your salon software to speed up and simplify the process. Set up staff targets for everything from number of services, to monetary values and retail efforts and let SALONGENIUS keep track of what each staff member is doing.
When it’s time to communicate progress with your staff, you can choose between using detailed reports of their efforts and displaying visual gauges to show them how close they are to their goal.