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Think about the last time you booked a plane reservation or a hotel room. Chances are you booked online in just a few minutes. How simple was that? Salon and Spa’s can now offer their customers the same convenience of online bookings.

Salons that are using online booking are filling their schedules and booking customers during closed hours online through mobile devices and desktops. Taking your appointment booking online and allowing your customers to book appointments whenever they want can create amazing growth in sales and make life easier on your staff.

Let your customers book a new appointment anywhere, anytime and at their convenience from mobile devices.
SALONGENIUS online booking uses secure or non-secure bookings and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your website or Facebook page, or from your client’s smartphone. It couldn’t be easier. If you don’t have your own website then we will provide you with a dedicated page through our booking portal.

If you’d like to try SALONGENIUS for yourself please contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.



Chip 'n' Pin

Chip ‘n’ Pin

Remove the need for double entry of card amounts. The SALONGENIUSintegrated Ocius POS Client receives and processes credit card amounts automatically at the end of a bill. Furthermore, the client connects to your fibre or broadband line, reducing the wait common with dial-up terminals.

Internet - Fibre Optic

Internet – Fibre Optic

Our fully managed fibre and broadband internet provides a high-quality business line with speeds of up to 55mb. Fully secure, SALONGENIUS supports and manages your internet connection, keeping your anti-virus and firewall up to date. As a result, your local equipment and network is safe from outside intrusions – it is the no-hassle solution for salon owners.

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