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With myGENIUS and myGENIUS Lite, staff can access their column and manage clients from the palm of their hand. Using a tablet or smartphone, myGENIUS is the easiest way to ensure your records are GDPR compliant.

This unique software lets staff see upcoming appointments and manage time slots, offering a real-time view of the day ahead. Staff can access and change client profiles, technical histories and notes without having to go to the reception, helping you minimise delays and client waiting time. The system is available 24 hours a day and lets staff know about client arrivals – even when they’re not in the salon!

Furthermore, myGENIUS lets you conduct surveys for important customer feedback. Client consultation forms are also available, letting you add recommended products and services for each customer.

During waiting times, your device can be passed to a client to let them update their details and preferences. myGENIUS will digitally store client signatures against any changes, making your records instantly GDPR compliant. We can also supply cost-effective finger print readers to further help with compliance.

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Chip 'n' Pin

Chip ‘n’ Pin

Remove the need for double entry of card amounts. The SALONGENIUSintegrated Ocius POS Client receives and processes credit card amounts automatically at the end of a bill. Furthermore, the client connects to your fibre or broadband line, reducing the wait common with dial-up terminals.

Internet - Fibre Optic

Internet – Fibre Optic

Our fully managed fibre and broadband internet provides a high-quality business line with speeds of up to 55mb. Fully secure, SALONGENIUS supports and manages your internet connection, keeping your anti-virus and firewall up to date. As a result, your local equipment and network is safe from outside intrusions – it is the no-hassle solution for salon owners.

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