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Access your salon remotely

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Access your salon remotely

Key features:
  • Remote access from a PC or laptop

  • Perform centralised bookings

  • Dial in to your salon at any time

  • Works anywhere in the UK with an internet connection

  • Great for working from home

  • Or for running your business on the go

When you’ve put your heart and soul into your business, it can be hard to occasionally step away from it, but fret not – remoteGENIUS lets you to access your SALONGENIUS data remotely.

This simple but clever solution allows you to perform centralised bookings or simply dial in and see what’s going on when you are away from your salon.

This is useful if you are busy with clients and staff while in the salon and prefer to do administrative tasks from home. Or if you simply can’t make it into work one day, or go away for a weekend. Access is available from anywhere in the UK with an internet connection, so you can run your business from home or on the go!

“Looking at remoteGENIUS, I noticed a discrepancy which pointed to someone stealing from the salon. As I was accessing the system remotely, I could discreetly gather evidence, confront them and get the stolen cash back. It’s one of the best services SALONGENIUS has produced. I love it.”

Marcus Chandler, Franchisee, TONI&GUY Bluewater

Additional Services
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Remote system access


Ideal for phones & tablets


Automated cloud backup


Cost-efficient payments


Secure business internet


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