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tileGENIUS – CompareMySalon


SALONGENIUS CompareMySalon performance index holds a repository key performance of indicators such as salon quality mark, no shows, return rate, retail percentage, technical percentage, busy percentage, average bill and more.

The live tiles are colour coded against the key performance indicators so you can quickly see how your salon is performing.

This App is invaluable when viewing how your salon compares with other salons within your group, regionally, nationally and globally.

This App is free and available to download from the Windows App Store. tileGENIUS is available on both Windows Phones 7 and 8, so wherever you are in the world you will be able to view your current salon performance at any time of the day or night – GENIUS!

You must have a license key to use this service. To get this call your local distributor who will be more than happy to help.

If you’d like to try SALONGENIUS for yourself please contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.



Chip 'n' Pin

Chip ‘n’ Pin

Remove the need for double entry of card amounts. Ocius POS Client, integrated with SALONGENIUS, at the end of a bill receives and processes the credit card amount automatically. Communication is via the internet eliminating the wait experienced by dial up terminals, particularly on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Internet - Fibre Optic

Internet – Fibre Optic

Our fully managed broadband internet provides a high-quality secure business line, with speeds of up to 10mb (dependant on location). Fully secure, SALONGENIUS maintains your broadband line ensuring up to date anti-virus protection and secure firewall, keeping your local equipment and network safe from outside intrusions. It is the no hassle solution for salon owners.

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