estateGENIUS – Centralised estate management


Centralised estate management

Whether you are running a centralised ownership model, are a franchisee or franchisor, a chain or group of salons, estateGENIUS allows you to manage and control your entire estate from your Head Office.

estateGENIUS allows you to take control of group information and centralise appointments and reporting, providing a seamless experience for every customer across all your locations. It helps you improve client care by selling and redeeming packages, gift certificates and salon loyalty cards across multiple sites.

Furthermore, estateGENIUS collects and measures data and translates it into invaluable insights about your organisation. Individual business data can be looked at in isolation or in groups, allowing you to study and compare services and performance across your estate.

Compliant with data protection legislation, this secure software ensures access is strictly controlled to allow you to decide which functions are available to whom, and there is full audit control on activities.

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