As we are approaching the holidays, many will see their appointment books filled to the brim with clients preparing for a season of glitzy parties, work-dos and family gatherings.

This means extra footfall for salons and spas, which can be a whole lot of fun but also puts your business to the test; you’ll know for sure how well your organisation works when you’re flat-out for weeks on end.

Here are our top five tips to help you make the most of the holidays:

1. Offer enticing Christmas packages

The festive mood makes people more likely to spend a little extra to treat themselves, so this is a great time to offer seasonal packages. We recommend pairing your most popular services with quick-fix additional treatments. Whether it’s a massage, a conditioning treatment or a mini facial, make it something quick and inexpensive which will leave your clients feeling extra fabulous.

2. Let technology work to keep your business running smoothly

Increased footfall means more time spent around reception updating records, checking details and booking appointments. If you only have one or two PCs in the salon, this may cause a bottleneck effect on a busy day. But there’s help: Firstly, let your staff use myGENIUS to quickly manage appointments and client data from a tablet or smartphone. Secondly, you can set up online bookings to take pressure off your phone lines and your receptionist.

3. Utilise the increased footfall to get on top of your client data

With so many customers entering your salon in a short space of time, encourage your staff to ask clients for updated details and preferences. This will ensure you’re set up to reach far and wide as soon as you start your new year’s marketing campaigns! The easiest way to do this is when clients enter the salon: Sit them down with a festive drink and let them update their details on your myGENIUS tablet while they wait for their appointment.

4. Boost your online reputation

When you’re all set up with decorations, festive drinks and the extra pampering from step 1, clients are sure to leave your salon or spa feeling fantastic. This is the perfect time to get new reviews! Claim your salonspy listing and set SALONGENIUS up to send clients an automatic SMS with a link to review after each appointment. This saves your staff the time and effort of asking for reviews and makes it easy for clients to have their say. Watch the festive spirit shine through in your reviews and enjoy more clients discovering your salon in the New Year.

5. Step up your retail strategy

In the run up to the holidays, a lot of people are looking for the perfect gifts. Make it easy for them to spot gifts in your salon by placing suitable products in a visible spot – tie colourful bows around boxes and bottles for a more festive look! You can also place a basket of low-cost items labelled “stocking fillers” near reception, so they can easily be picked up as someone goes to pay for their treatment. Lastly, use our gift card service to get bespoke branded gift cards for your salon. This is a brilliant way to achieve client referrals as they gift your services to their nearest and dearest.

For more information about how myGENIUS, bookingsGENIUS and salonspy can help your salon, get in touch with the team today on 01202 311 826 or