Software to aid social distancing

Most of us are around two months into being back at work now. You’ve probably already gotten used to the masks, the visors and the new sanitation routines. There are screens in reception areas and between chairs, and we’re all stocked with PPE to last us for some time.

But did you know that technology can also help you in your efforts to keep your salon safe and socially distanced? Using a few simple tools, you can make salon life a little more convenient in a post-lockdown world:

Online bookings on mobile phone


Your virtual receptionist

Has your reception desk been swamped with calls since re-opening? bookingsGENIUS helps relieve some of that pressure by allowing clients to book online rather than call or visit the salon. As a result, it also helps minimise the amount of time spent in the reception area making bookings, thus aiding in social distancing.

Simply share your online bookings link on your website, social media pages and in SMS messages to give clients a quick and easy route to booking.

Best of all: bookingsGENIUS comes at one flat rate charge per month, meaning you pay the same price regardless of if you get 50 or 500 bookings!

£21 per month + VAT
Setup £60 + VAT

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remoteGENIUS used on laptop


Access SALONGENIUS from home

With reduced staff numbers in salons, many managers and receptionists are doing their administrative work from home. remoteGENIUS is perfect for this, as it lets you access your entire SALONGENIUS system from a laptop or PC.

This means that you can run reports, manage scheduling and even make bookings from home! Thus allowing you to support your team even when you are not in the salon, and reducing the amount of people who need to be present in the reception area.

£19 per month + VAT
Setup from £150 + VAT 

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Woman paying in salon


Minimise contact with your card machine

We’ve mentioned how our payment solution pdqGENIUS has some of the best transaction rates in the industry, potentially saving 20-30% off your monthly card bill. However, it also has a great advantage in the current situation: It receives service totals directly from your SALONGENIUS system.

This means you don’t have to manually key in card amounts when you take a payment, and as such, it reduces the amount of people who come in contact with your PDQ machine and the risk of contamination that brings. Also:

  • The limit on contactless payments has increased from £30 to £45
  • pdqGENIUS is pre-configured for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, which are all contactless options with no limit
  • 95% of businesses save money using pdqGENIUS compared to their previous provider

Card terminals from £16.50 per month + VAT

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