Get the most out of your system.

SALONGENIUS want you to benefit from your investment and offer a wide range of training opportunities to meet all needs and experience. By ensuring that you know all the aspects of SALONGENIUS we can make sure that you get the most from your system to benefit your business.

Initial Training

There are two standard full day training courses. Getting Started – an introductory course aimed at new users to establish the basic skills that are used most of the time. Ideally scheduled just prior to, or on the day of installation of SALONGENIUS. Followed by Getting More – a follow-up course aimed at manager level users building on Getting Started, usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after installation.

Per Salon Training

The best training is conducted out of the salon, this can either be arranged at one of our training offices or at a location of your choice. Where training within the salon is the only option you have to consider the number of staff being trained and the quality of the training environment. Individual salon training is usually charged on a half day (3hrs) or full day (6hrs) basis, irrelevant of the number of staff attending. There may be additional charges if SALONGENIUS are required to arrange facilities, flights etc.

Regional Training

Periodically SALONGENIUS will schedule courses offered on a Day Delegates place rate in various locations.

Additional Training

Additional training is available for those areas you’re still not clear on or want to know a bit more about. Such as Appointments, Client Care, Stock, Promotions, Business Enhancement & Skills Training, Marketing etc.