Staying productive; How to keep your salon going during lockdown

Woman using remoteGENIUS

With salons and spas now closed to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we’re sure a lot of you are keen to explore any ways in which you can run your business from home.

In this blog, we have gathered some ideas to keep your business going during lockdown and help you re-launch stronger than ever!

Adopt a new business model

Use technology to your advantage to keep your business moving and bring in some revenue while your business is closed. This has the additional benefit of giving you reasons to stay in touch with your clients, so that you are at the front of their mind when you re-open.

  • Sell products online
  • Offer virtual consultations to clients
  • Promote the sale of gift vouchers; bring in revenue now for use at a later date

Reflect and plan for the future

Utilise SALONGENIUS to get a better understanding of your business strengths and areas of improvement. Create targets for the future and a plan to help you reach them! Here are some great reports to get you started:

  • Staff performance
    To get an overview of each individual staff member.
    Go to Financial > Performance/Attendance > Actual Costs > Staff > Pick a time > Pick a staff member > Done
  • Client data quality
    Get an understanding of your clients. For example, how many can you reach with SMS/email marketing? Can this number be improved?
    Go to Business Management > Marketing > Client Data Quality
  • Gauges
    Get a clear overview of how your revenue is affected by things like no-shows, retail sales and return rates. Adjust the gauges to see how improving an area would boost your earnings over three months, six months or twelve months.
    Go to Business Management > Financial > Gauges > Business

Plan your re-launch

Once the lockdown is lifted, how can you make sure that your columns are full and your business runs smoothly when everyone wants their hair/nails/lashes etc done at once?

  • Create a special pamper package for clients who are long overdue a refresh. For example, cut & colour with a restorative treatment or product.
  • Call clients to update their mobile numbers and email addresses, so you’re ready to communicate with them when you are due to re-launch.
  • Create any SMS/emails/social media posts now, so they’re ready to send when the time comes.
  • Direct clients to your online bookings page to take pressure off reception.
  • Many clients will likely have a delayed or reduced income. Consider using Laybuy to let them spread the cost of their services over 6 weeks. Read more about Laybuy here!
SMS that reads "Happy re-opening week! Get an amazing 20% off when booking a cut, colour and treatment. Book today to avoid disappointment!"

Stay in touch with your team

This is a worrying time for many, so check in with your team to keep staff morale high. Use video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting to:

  • Bring the whole team together for a catch-up.
  • Hold one-to-ones to discuss each staff members’ goals and progress.
  • Talk to your team about how the business can be improved. They probably have some great suggestions!

Gain new skills

With so many professionals at home, many are taking this time to share their skills online through blogs, videos and webinars. Take advantage of this and upskill in areas such as:

  • Cutting and colouring
  • Beauty treatments
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Business

Look after yourself

Hair and beauty professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet are prone to back injuries, shoulder injuries and more. Take some time to repair and build habits that you’ll thank yourself for when you’re back at work! For example:

  • At-home workouts (try apps such as Nike Training Club and 7 Minute Workout)
  • Yoga (Youtube has tons of videos to guide you)
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

If you have any questions about how to best manage your SALONGENIUS system while in lockdown, please call support on 01202 311829 or visit our contact page.